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I am disabled and live on SSI. I earned those benefits with years of working but I won't stop being disabled if I win the literary lottery and crawl up over the poverty line. I won't stop being disabled if I'm brutally frugal and save for something that costs more than $2,000 - there is a cap on my savings. Go over that and the balance starts coming out of my check.

Yet there are people whose business decisions cost thousands of lives and millions of livelihoods who, if prosecuted at all, pay a fine that's just the cost of doing business. They might get community service. There's a young man who got off for killing people on "affluenza" because his life style growing up taught him that crime didn't have consequences. Once again, it didn't have consequences. I guarantee that if I'd done that crime I'd be dying in jail, jails aren't equipped to handle my multiple medical conditions.

Back in the day, white collar criminals got jail. They got the nicest, cushiest jails, they had money and outside connections, it wasn't as bad as for other people. But they still had perks.

It never goes to where it hurts.

Here's a thought.

What about taking all their assets and income to compensate the victims and their families, then putting a cap on their assets and income? Set it at the poverty level like my SSI. Make them live by my means-tested rules. Let them find out what it's like when ends don't meet and you need to ask for help.

Sure, they have connections, old friends and relatives who'd help. They'd find out fast who the fair-weather friends are though. Even if they were taken care of at a level far beyond anything I've lived, they would still have to ask. That's a huge life lesson.

Everything over that cap would go into victim compensation and if there was environmental damage, environmental funds. The planet counts among the victims too as I see it.

Just some thoughts on a Sunday morning. Might do something to help rectify the circulation problems in the economy.
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