Jun. 8th, 2013

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Yay! The fund raiser Nonny started to replace my dead laptop is up to $480 now. Also my old art teacher, Johannes Vloothuis, will post the link on his next webinar! I have high hopes we will get enough for Nonny to order a good newish refurb with extended warranty, one to last a long time!

One donor also sent me a six year old MacBook that still works. It's here! It arrived today! I love it. Some things about it are wonderful.

Very easy switch to Dvorak keyboard layout. Dvorak is its own nationality in International. With a black flag and white DV on it.

Very easy setting up Internet. Found it, click, put in password, yay. Points to Apple for a toggle to hide or show password.

I live alone. No one uses my computer. I want to see what I'm typing, especially numbers. Or I stress out on mistakes.

Bad, bad, bad MacBook in one headachy regard, it makes this otherwise beautiful machine the Backup. Not the main one.

Mouse Jitter. Cursor bounces around, clicks, selects text, deletes by typing over.

A short post took 20 minutes on Facebook. A line or two took half an hour. Headache time and fibro flare. Lost post to navigating away from page. Lost paragraph in this post 14 min. recreating.

OWW impossible to write on.

Mouse-cursor jitter happens even with the touchpad. That's not mouse incompatibility. HELP! Anyone know what makes Macs do this?


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